What are the best sunglasses to drive in summer?

We are all aware of the importance of sight in driving. In summer, due to the direct impact of the sun on the face, it is advisable to use appropriate sunglasses . And not only in summer. Wearing sunglasses may be recommended for the whole year, since it prevents it from affecting our visibility due to possible flashes.

However, we must bear in mind that it is not enough to have the best glasses to see in the best possible way. It is of no use if we wear dirty windshield glass, as they will worsen visibility in case of glare.

When choosing the most appropriate glasses we must be aware that not all work. We remind that all manufacturers must pass the quality controls of the European Union. We can verify that it has been so if they have the acronym CE in glasses. This indicates that they have successfully exceeded the requirements required to be marketed by the EU.


When choosing the best sunglasses for driving we must take into account, on the one hand, that they adapt well to our face : that they fit well, that they do not fall easily ... If they fall out while we are driving, we can have a dislike .

On the other hand, if you wear glasses for having myopia or astigmatism, you will also have to graduate the sunglasses unless you wear contact lenses. Not all glasses can be graduated so we will have to choose ones that, due to their characteristics, can.

In addition, we must take into account the importance of the color of the crystal . They are currently carried in all colors. However, polarized and gray sunglasses are recommended for driving. Polarized crystals reduce glare by having a better UV filter, eliminate glare and offer greater contrast on the road (they usually have a higher cost). On the other hand, the gray crystals offer a better contrast and less alter the colors of the surroundings, which will allow us to correctly distinguish the colors of the traffic lights, the signals ...

Experts indicate that filter 3 is ideal for drivers, especially for high mountain areas and the beach, while filter 2 is recommended for autumn and winter. Filter 4 is totally discouraged for driving, as it is for extreme solar luminosity.

In any case, the most advisable thing is to go to a specialized optician where they can advise us which glasses best suits our needs.


The gray lenses are indicated for driving because of their high color reflection while the brown ones are perfect for outdoor sports because of their improved contrast and depth of field. They are also recommended for nearsighted people.

On the contrary, sunglasses with yellow lenses are perfect for cloudy and / or foggy days when there is low light. They are totally discouraged to drive with sunshine.

The green lens distorts natural colors, so they should be worn if there is a lot of light, especially suitable for water sports and farsightedness.

With regard to the black lens , they are not highly recommended, as it greatly distorts colors. On the contrary, the orange lens is suitable for low light conditions, such as night driving.